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Notices & Annoucements                               For the Week of:  February 10, 2019 


WELCOME ALL  VISITORS  We are pleased you have joined us for worship today. Please make yourself known to the Rector. If you are traveling, we pray you will have safe travel back home. NAME TAGS: – If you would like to have a name tag, talk to Carol Zager at the Organ. These are free and help us know each others name.

TODAY – SCOUT SUNDAY: A key part of the Scouting Movement is a ‘Duty to God'. This is seen in the Scout Oath and Law, as well as a requirement throughout Scouts. Today we welcome Scouts from our units and their families and leaders. Please welcome them into our worship today.

PARKING LOT – COMPLETE:  The weather held and the crews completed most of the work this past week. There are a few clean-up details to do; but, the parking lots have been finished. We give thanks for the job well done, and for the blessing of good weather provided during construction.

STEWARDSHIP: The Vestry wants to thank those who have made a commitment to the parish this year, and ask that any outstanding Stewardship cards be returned next Sunday.

PLANNING AHEAD – FRANCISCAN NIGHT: Franciscan Fellowship is an evening where you bring what you want cooked on the grill and everything else is provided. The next night is scheduled for Thursday evening, February 21st beginning at 6:30 pm. Plan now to join us.

FLOWER CHART: The 2019 Flower Chart is in the Parish Hall. Anyone desiring to provide funds for the flowers on Sunday may sign up on the Chart AND fill out the appropriate BLUE form located next to the Chart.  The recommended donation is $50 per Sunday, and the flowers are yours to take home after the second service.