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Father Jay Atwood's Previous Sermons 2017  
 Father Atwood - The Story of Doubting Thomas  
 Father Atwood - Easter Service  
 Father Atwood - Lazarus is Raised from the Dead  
 Father Atwood - The Story of the Man Born Blind  
 Father Atwood -  The Third Sunday of Lent  
 Father Atwood - Preparing for the Paschal Feast  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Goes in the Wilderness  
 Bishop Iker - The First Day of the Week  
 Father Atwood - Striving to be Perfect  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Continues the Sermon on the Mount  
 Father Atwood - Thou Shall Not Kill  
 Father Atwood - You Are the Salt of the Earth  
 Father Atwood - Is Not Following Jesus a Folly?  
 Father Atwood - Repent the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand  
 Father Atwood - The Lamb of God  
 Father Atwood - The Baptism of Our Lord  
 Father Atwood - Feast of the Holy Name