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Father Jay Atwood's Previous Sermons 2019

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 Father Atwood -- God Formed Us In His Image  
 Father Atwood  Jesus Continues on to Jersualm  
 Father Atwood - Jjesus Goes to the House of the Phairsees  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Continues to Jersulam  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Makes a Statement  
 Father Atwood - Faith You Gotta Have It  
 Father Atwood - Life Isn't Fair  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Teaches the Disciples to Pray  
 Father Atwood - Abram's Covenant with God  
 Father Maneikis - Fufil the Law of Christ  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Sets His Eye on Jersulam  
Father Atwood - Jesus Ask Questions   
 Father Atwood - Trinity Sunday  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Tells the Disciples to Wait  
 Father Atwood - Jesus is in the Upper Room  
 Father Atwood - Jesus is Preaching  
 Father Atwood - Paul Continues  His Preachng  
 Father Atwood - Paul and Baranabus go to the Synagogue  
 Father Maneikis - The Conversion of St Paul  
 Father Atwood - Low Sunday  
 Father Atwood - Easter!  
 Father Atwood - You Are Part of the Process  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Teaches in Parables  
 Father Atwood - The Story of the Prodigal Son  
 Father Atwood - Is God Angry With Me?  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Does What He Does Best  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Says Enter by the Narrow Gate  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Goes into the Wilderness for 40 Days  
 Father Atwood - Have You Ever Connected  With God?  
 Father Atwood -  The  Hard Lessons  
 Father Atwood - Jesus' Best Sermon  
 Father Atwood - God Calls on Gideon  
 Father Atwood - The Call of Jeremiah  
 Father Atwood - Ezra Comes Back to the Water Gate  
 Father Atwood - Jesus Changes Water into Wine  
 Father Atwood - Jesus is Baptisted in the River Jordan  
 Father Atwood - The Gentiles Will Come From a Far